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The first production Liquid Logic Stinger is out of the aluminum mold and Shane Benedict just had to go get a run in. The production Stinger has been 5 years in the making. Shane said it is awesome. Stiffer, better outfitting, silky smooth shell, bomber security bars, etc.. Shipping in June!

Youtube user Visualol has put together a compilation of what he/she thinks are the world's best kayaking moments. This video was published last year at the end of July so is missing anything since then but I have to say, they did a pretty good job on this video edit. Pure kayaking porn.

French rider Nathan Barier brings us a 05 Outdoor Mix video report. This report just covers the kayak portion of the 05 Outdoor Mix, which is an outdoor festival in France and the first stage of the AWP World Cup! For those who don't know, the AWP World Cup is the World Series of whitewater. Check it.

Kenny Linderman brings us a video of him doing some whitewater kayaking down Wilson Creek in NC while it was running round 0'. Kenny says he ran four laps and had two swims, both of which were at 10 foot falls. He had a great time and will back for retribution soon!

The first episode of the new Serrasolses Bros Productions (SBP) is here! This video features some epic whitewater kayaking on the Baker River, which is the largest river in Chile and offers up some HUGE rapids. Oh, and the scenery, well, it's just amazing. Check it.

Everyone wants to be able to throw a airscrew. It's one of the cooler playboating tricks. Martin Koll gives a step-by-step description of what happens and what has to be done while trying to airscrew. This is a good instructional video, shot on the the two famous waves on the Nile river in Uganda. Follow along and hopefully you won't land on your nose anymore.

Asheville Adventure Rentals' River Ambassador brings us a local classic. This is a relatively short vid of the Class IV-V Lower Rocky Broad River near Chimney Top, NC. Looks like a fun run so sit back and enjoy the reggae tunes and some great whitewater.

Epic TV brings us the first episode of the FRESH series from Airborn Kayaking, featuring big water freestyle kayaking in the Ottawa Valley. Check out some awesome playboating on huge waves such as the Ruins wave, Buseater, and High tension. Epic!

Have a great inspirational video for you to start your weekend. If you live in America, you definitely know what TGIF (Thank god it's Friday) means. It's to celebrate the weekend but it's sad that it is just for that. Live everyday like it's Friday. Do something great. Enjoy your life.

Shane Benedict of Liquid Logic has been cranking out some videos. In this vid, Shane and Jason decided to take off for some big water fun on the French Broad. The level is 23,000 CFS and it looks like they had a blast. Watch for the picnic table railslide at the beginning lol.

Alright so we all know the Ocoee has been REALLY high from all the rain the Southeast has been getting. You've probably seen the vids on our Facebook page of people running Grumpy's with varying results. Now check out a vid of an actual run down the Ocoee at 10,000 CFS!

Jon Manley brings us a good kayaking video edit. He and Chad Christopher hit up the Cumberland Plateau for some whitewater action on a recent evening. They scraped down Yellow Creek and ran Daddy's Creek from there. Check it out.

Got a very cool kayaking video for you, which Daniel Brasuell posted. This is another edition of "A Wet State." #74 to be exact. This particular vid is the last video from their trip to Corsica. It features some great whitewater action on the Middle Vecchio and Lower Codi.

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