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Paul Butler brings us a great whitewater kayaking video called Feeling Like Gold: Part 1. He says that they have been feeling like gold in the SouthEast and have had tons of fun kayaking between Kentucky and North Carolina.

Check out the trailer for whitewater kayaker Anton Immler's latest project, Borderlands. Borderlands is a kayaking documentary which follows six friends on a journey to find some of the world's best rivers and waterfalls in southern Chile.

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Ian Smith brings us a video of his whitewater SUP highlights from 2012. Rivers on the video include the Top Yough, Upper Yough, Savage River, Paint Creek, Cowanshannock Creek, Tygart River, and Big Sandy Creek. Whitewater Stand Up Paddleboarding is hardcore. Much respect.

Check out Rush Sturges's latest highlight reel. This video shows Rush's progression through the years into one of the top whitewater kayakers in the world. Very cool video and editing. Definitely worth a watch.

Ryan Mooney shows a little bit of his summer in Massachusetts on the Deerfield River! Looks like an epic time and man that Pyranha Jed looks sweet. Want to try one out very soon!

Check out this ultra slow motion HD whitewater kayaking short video shot by Steve Rogers and Tim Loubier on a Red Epic in 4K & 2K at 120-300fps. Takes place in the Whistler and Squamish area with paddlers Todd Wells, Brendan Wells, Martin Bradley Smith, William Griffith and Sam Rickets.

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