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Dylan McKinney brings us a great 5 minute highlights video of the 2013 Green River Race. Called "the greatest show in sports" the event is an epic annual Class IV-V+ whitewater creek race through the Green River Narrows section. This year's race did not disappoint with course records being broken and new champs being crowned. Check it out.

So I'm sure you know that the Green River Narrows is an intense Class IV-V+ creek in North Carolina. I mean, we are talking about the site of the Green River Race, Gorilla, etc. Now try and imagine going down it in a ducky... Nick Zajac says, challenge accepted. Check out the video.

So you may have heard of this little thing called the Green Race coming up tomorrow and that Jackson Kayak has been working on a new long boat, the Karma Unlimited, to compete with the Liquid Logic Stinger and the Dagger Green Boat. Well check out a quick video of Dane Jackson and Hunt Jennings from team JK training on the Green River Narrows. Looks supa fast!

So the Green race is coming up this Saturday and the Demshitz, along with many others, have been practicing on the Green River Narrows. P & H, Pyranha's sea kayak line, made a shit running sea kayak this year called the Hammer. The Hammer is surely not the ideal kayak to race the Green in, but it's all Dave Fusilli had and he thought it would be cool to see how it would handle. So awesome lol.

Vimeo user maxime mitaut brings us a great whitewater kayaking video from Portugal. He remarks that this trip was probably one of the best weekends he had in all of 2013. Portugal is a paradise and the Castro Laboreiro river is just amazing. Enjoy.

Check out this cool whitewater kayaking vid. Seven days on seven rivers, this is a movie about three team trailer paddlers exploring the rivers of Austria’s Tirol region. They also payed a visit to Otztal to paddle the trip's eighth river but found the water level of Otztaler Ache a bit to high for their taste… Even more action and beautiful scenery than last year's trip!

Got another great episode of "Made in Canada." Episode 4, The Ashlu, follows kayaker and chemist Steve Arns. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, which allows him to pursue his career and his sport with equal passion. When work is done, Steve loads up his kayak, leaves the city and heads to the river. Join Steve and his friends as they shred the Box Canyon of the Ashlu, a Class V kayaking classic right out Vancouver’s back door.

Very cool and lengthy 30 minute whitewater kayaking video from YouTube user SpiritsSparrow about kayaking the Rivers of Idaho and Minnesota. Rivers included in the vid are the North Fork Payette, South Fork Salmon Canyon, St. Louis, Lester, Amity, Baptism, Cascade and more. Great lunchtime watch. Enjoy!

Vimeo user Charge Productions brings us a cool whitewater kayaking/creeking video entitled "Gnarl Training." The South Fork of the Feather is below Little Grass Valley reservoir. It runs every fall as they lower the lake level for the winter. Great video and awesome song lol. Enjoy!

Check out another awesome whitewater kayaking video from Red Bull Athlete Aniol Serrasolses. Norway in summer is always an epic time and is chock full of whitewater. Watch Aniol tear it up with some awesome paddling skills as well as fantastic cinematography thanks to Fred Norquist & Evan Garcia of Substantial Media House. Epic!

It was an awesome weekend at the Moose River in Old Forge, New York for the 2013 King of New York Moose Race. It was a very close race with some great competitors and it ended with the crowning of a New Whitewater King. Demshitz Jared Seiler paddled raced a sea kayak to become the New KING OF NEW YORK!!! Check out the teaser for the upcoming full video.

Check out some beautiful helmet cam shots of the Lachine rapids outside of Montreal from team paddlers Bren Orton, Dave Fusilli and Craig Kleckner. This a quick 90 second mash up of some of the go pro clips they acquired while surfing Big Joe and Pyramid wave. Definitely worth a watch.

Rising out of the Blue Ridge, Grandfather Mountain is the undoubtedly the heart of the high country and lends itself to whitewater. Follow along as AmongstIt Films explores the downriver play of the Watauga River, the fun, friendly Wilson Creek and it's steep tributaries, the little-known Upper Creek, the waterfalls of the Elk Rive, and the deep, committing, Linville Gorge. Enjoy Grandfather, the movie trailer.

Check out this cool video of Zet Kayaks in British Columbia in August and September, 2013. Watch multiday fly-ins to the Clore and Dean rivers with Matthias Stockl, Thomas Motz, Benjamin Seeberger, Xaver (Boby) Frieser and Mark Basso. Cool stuff.

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