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The boys are at it again! Evan Garcia and Fred Norquist document their travels and experiences through a new online web series featuring some of the worlds most spectacular and dangers rivers. Seeing as how everything else they've put out is amazing, this is really exciting!

The Boone Crew getting rowdy in the southeast during Spring of 2012. Video highlights some great whitewater kayaking and creeking on the Tallulah, Watauga, Laurel Fork, Cheoah, North Harper, Raven Fork, Mill Creek, New Dries, etc.

Paul Butler brings us a great whitewater kayaking video called Feeling Like Gold: Part 1. He says that they have been feeling like gold in the SouthEast and have had tons of fun kayaking between Kentucky and North Carolina.

Check out the trailer for whitewater kayaker Anton Immler's latest project, Borderlands. Borderlands is a kayaking documentary which follows six friends on a journey to find some of the world's best rivers and waterfalls in southern Chile.

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