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Matt Whitson brings us another great Nantahala Cascades video. He and Jamison Evans had a fun read and run lap on the Class IV-V section. The Nantahala Cascades released during the 2013 Guest Appreciation Festival (GAF) weekend at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

The lovely ladies over at TiTS DEEP have released their first of many webisodes. In November, Louise Jull, Louise Urwin, and Katrina Van Wijk traveled south to Patagonia in search of some serious whitewater. The found big rivers, waterfalls and got to experience the beauty of Argentina and Chile. Enjoy the first part of their journey.

YouTube user "McFloats" brings us an awesome video of him styling the Nantahala Cascades. Paddling a Dagger Green Boat, C-1 style, McFloats dissects the class IV-V Cascades while catching tons of eddies in the Horns of God and Big Kahuna. Intense, drop to rock hit and ducking under log around 3:05 in the vid is the highlight for me.

Vimeo user Joe Rea-Dickins brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video called "Three Seasons in the UK." This vid includes highlights from his November 2012-August 2013 season in the UK. Need to plan a creeking trip there in the future for sure...

Check out this video from Nathan Barbier of some of the best shots of his 6 months whitewater kayaking in Chile and Norway. This film is Entry #15 in the 2013 Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards. Very well done.

Vimeo user Simon Braun brings us a great little video of his run down Bailey Canyon from this year's 2013 Bailey Fest, back in August. Bailey Fest is annual whitewater gathering held on the North Fork South Platte River in Colorado. Looks like a ton of fun.

Vimeo user Chris Kayley brings us a great video where 5 kayakers go for 26 days of whitewater kayaking in the French and Italian Alps. Good soundtrack, great paddling and awesome whitewater make this another stellar video from Chris. Be sure to check it out.

Check out this cool whitewater kayaking video done by Lee Visual. The vid shows kayaker Kim Becker tearing up the river creekboating as she day dreams about her favourite thing, kayaking. Beautifully shot on Canon Creek, the Lewis and Wind River in Washington.

Mitch Bearden and Kresh Productions bring us another cool whitewater kayaking video. In this vid, Mitch and friends tear up a great Southeast classic, the Green River Narrows in North Carolina. The class IV-V+ creek was running at 12 inches this day. Enjoy.

Heck yeah! First video of the new Liquid Logic Stinger XP tearing up some whitewater. Shane Benedict takes their new beast for a ride down the Green River Narrows at 10" to test out the new boat and especially the new hatch design. Happy to say that it worked great and these bad boys are going into production now. Dying to get ours, check it!

Astral athlete Gareth Tate and 7 Finger Media bring us a kinda funny whitewater kayaking/carnage video this morning. They remind us why it's important to always respect the runout after finishing a big run. Check out Gareth's run-in with the Flume after a stellar "no swim" trip down Dinkey Creek in California.

YouTube user Garrett Mays brings us a great whitewater canoe creeking video. The vid features class IV-V+ Suck creek outside of Chattanooga, TN. It is a drop pool style creek but with a continuous nature to it. Check it out.

Wow, been so insanely busy I totally forgot that there was a new Substantial TV teaser out. Anyway, you have got to watch the Episode 6 teaser for "Ragnarok." Norwegians use it describe something crazy and it is the perfect description for this vid. Jaw-dropping slow-mo shots, epic Norway whitewater and fire-breathing. Yeah you read that right. Check it.

Awesome edit from the Demshitz coming at you. Their first stop was the Leavenworth area where they tackled Exit rapid at a good flow. Next they hit Log Choke falls on the Top Tye and then Hamma hamma falls. Ended with some clean lines off of Sliver Falls and then shit running in the Hood River area.

Shane Benedict of Liquid Logic has been enjoying all this summer rain and is back with another epic Green Narrows video. Shane reports that the Tuxedo hydro plant is running 2 units at 100% capacity and the lake is at 100.6. Makes some big, rowdy and fast water. Awesome stuff.

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