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The Stanford Kayak Club is back with another great whitewater kayaking video. In this vid, they step up to a California classic: South Fork of Silver Creek (a.k.a. South Silver). This is a seriously steep and continuous creek that drops nearly 600 vertical feet in just over a mile. Check it out.

Well you don't see this very often, but you should. Tad Dennis, Jordan Poffenberger, Dane Jackson and Joel McCune take a lap on the Green River narrows, C-1 style. Very cool video and watch for Jordan's soaring boof off Gorilla. Check it.

YouTube user kayakguesy brings us a nice whitewater kayaking video from the Watauga. The Watauga is a Class IV-V river located in North Carolina with tons of boofs, ferrys, holes, mazes and drops. The level was at 240 cfs for this run.

Andy Woods brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video of he and friends on the West Fork of the Tuckaseegee. Beautiful area and he reports that they had to walk the first 2 rapids due to wood, but the slidey fun kinda made up for it. The gauge said 2.4, but should have been higher.

Youtube user Hunter Connolly brings us a nice creeky whitewater kayaking video. This vid features Hunter firing up Washington's Ohanapecosh creek in his Jackson Kayak Villain. Beautiful water, great scenery and some nice lines. Check it out.

Paul Butler brings us another great whitewater kayaking video. This one takes a look at what the Ouch! Crew has been up to throughout the spring and the wet summer. Featured in the vid are Linville, Top Yough, Beer and Gear festival at Wilderness Vouyagers, Chattooga and the Nanty Cascades. Enjoy.

Vimeo user Dominik Vogt brings us a nice creeky whitewater kayaking video. Don't know too much about it except that the paddlers are Tobias Dinger, Stephan Gans, Dominik Vogt and the water level was 33cm. Regardless, cool video. Check it out.

Adrian Kiernan (Film Producer, Professional Kayaker, Expedition Leader, Raft Guide and Whitewater Instructor) is having to take a break from kayaking for a bit due to an injury. He is building up river karma in the meantime however by being a killer shuttle bunny and videographer. Check out this vid with some sweet aerial shots.

Brad McMillan brings us an awesome whitewater canoeing video. In this vid, Brad canoes the Green Truss section of the White Salmon River in Washington and Celestial Falls. The Green Truss is a challenging class V section and Celestial Falls is a 45 foot drop. Some sick open boating for sure.

Andy Woods brings us a nicely edited video of the West Fork of the French Broad. It is a beautiful 3.4 mile long class IV-V run in North Carolina with some great slides. Andy reports that the level was around medium that day. Gotta love this wet summer we are having that allows for creeking in July.

Bliss-Stick US team member Nick Gottlieb has the Northeast on lockdown. If there is water flowing in it, Nick is running it. Check out this compilation video of him whitewater kayaking on the Middlebury Gorge, New Haven, Mettawee, Moose, Clarendon, North Branch Winooski and Otter Creek Falls.

Vimeo user Seth Scott brings us a nice edit of his recent run down the Green River Narrows in North Carolina. This was Scott's last run before his upcoming labrum surgery. I know from personal experience how that is and just want to say good luck to you and don't worry, this is not the end of your paddling career. Just a temporary break from it.

Asheville Adventure Rentals (AAR) River Ambassador Mike Nail brings a cool whitewater kayaking video entitled Spring/Summer 2013. This is a compilation of footage shot in Western North Carolina and East Tennessee. Rivers include the Upper Rocky Broad, Lower Rocky Broad, Green River, Big Laurel and Watauga. Enjoy.

Jon Manley brings us a cool summer whitewater kayaking video entitled Richland Creek in July. With all of the summer rains we have been having, kayakers are getting the opportunity to run creeks that would normally be too low at this point in the season. For avid creekers, it's like Christmas. Enjoy the vid.

Charge Productions on Vimeo bring us an awesome video showcasing whitewater kayaking in California. Most of the footage was captured in 2011 during one of the biggest snowpack years in California's Sierra Nevada mountains recorded history. Weighing in at a hefty 23 minutes of kayaking porn, this is one you don't want to miss.

Check out a sweet whitewater kayaking video called Corsica Sessions 2013. This is entry #1 in the Kayak Sessions Short Film of the Year Awards. It is a video recap of the 2013 season in Corsica, which saw the best waterlevels over the past decade. Check it.

It's been a rainy summer and Michael Martin brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video showing what he's been up to. This vid features some Southeast creeks including North Fork French Broad, West Fork French Broad, Green Narrows, Reedy River Falls and the Watauga Gorge. Check it.

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