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The River Militia brings us another cool whitewater kayaking video. This time, some of the boys headed to the French Island of Corsica over the Easter Holiday to throw down. Recorded entirely on GoPros, this is a well edited video with some great kayaking and a cool soundtrack. Check it out.

Tom Janney brings us a cool whitewater kayaking vid called California Dreaming. He and friends Rolf Kelly, Jason Stingl, Will Rawstron, Nick Abrams and Eric Parker paddled down South Merced and Dinkey Creek in late april of 2013. Check it.

There is a creek that precariously meanders through the most arduous private property along Lake Superior's North Shore. This river is filled with mystery, from a elusive put in, linked slide to slide to waterfall, a cold dark interior, and blatantly private property at the take out. This is Minnesota's Forbidden Fruit and Chris Baer has tasted it's sweetness.

OGP Productions brings us The Heist. This is an awesome whitewater kayaking video with some SICK paddling by Hunt Jennings. It is a collaboration of footage from his past season in the South East and especially Southeastern waterfalls. You have got to check this out!

Kenny Linderman brings us a video of him doing some whitewater kayaking down Wilson Creek in NC while it was running round 0'. Kenny says he ran four laps and had two swims, both of which were at 10 foot falls. He had a great time and will back for retribution soon!

Asheville Adventure Rentals' River Ambassador brings us a local classic. This is a relatively short vid of the Class IV-V Lower Rocky Broad River near Chimney Top, NC. Looks like a fun run so sit back and enjoy the reggae tunes and some great whitewater.

Jon Manley brings us a good kayaking video edit. He and Chad Christopher hit up the Cumberland Plateau for some whitewater action on a recent evening. They scraped down Yellow Creek and ran Daddy's Creek from there. Check it out.

Got a very cool kayaking video for you, which Daniel Brasuell posted. This is another edition of "A Wet State." #74 to be exact. This particular vid is the last video from their trip to Corsica. It features some great whitewater action on the Middle Vecchio and Lower Codi.

So how sweet is this? The shuttle parking lot for the Upper Rocky Broad is 30 minutes from the Liquid Logic office. 30 minutes. Check out this cool after work special video where Shane Benedict and friends hit up the Upper Rocky Broad in Bay Cave N.C. at 4.7 feet.

Ryan McAvoy and friends had an awesome rainy time kayaking last weekend in the Southeast. They managed to get in a 20 inch Green lap, a lap on the North Fork of the French Broad, 2 laps on the Toxaway put-in slide, 2 high water runs on Wilsons, and a lap on Gragg Prong. Epic. Check it out.

Ben Trister and friends took advantage of all the rain lately and decided to try something new. This is a video of a first decent of Conner Creek on Signal Mountain outside Chattanooga. Pretty cool whitewater canoeing down a seriously manky run. Check it.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't know much about this video. From the guys' website it looks like they are based out of Austria so I'm guessing that's where this run is. Daniel Egger is the one who published this video and the important thing is that it has a good soundtrack and some great whitewater kayaking.

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