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Check out a video from Level Six athlete, JP Paiement. JP relects back on his 2012 year and his many travels in search of whitewater to paddle. He was able to paddle many of his local runs but also got a first descent in Nunavik and ran the mighty White Nile.

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Have you seen those pics circulating around of the guys kayaking near lava? Well here is a video of it! The story is that Pedro Oliva, Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry were exploring Hawaii to find some lesser known kayaking spots as part of adventure kayak series. Check it.

Sam Ellis, Simon Tapley and Jason Raper bring us a new whitewater kayaking video called "Waiting for the Rain in Ingleton." The guys traveled to Ingleton for the waterfalls but there was no water. They waited it out, the rain came and it was on. Check it.

Eliot Berz and Hunt Jennings bring us a sick edit called Falling With Authority. This video features some great whitewater kayaking in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, California, Oregon and Chile along with a cool soundtrack by the Glitch Mob. Check it.

Got a new video from Dylan McKinney with some sweet whitewater kayaking from all over the Southeast. Features footage from the Elk, Linville, Toxaway, Great Falls, Big Creek, Watauga, Moose, Bottom's Creek, and the Green! Very cool stuff. Check it!

Got another Tallulah kayaking video for you in honor of the release this weekend. This one features Crawford Loper, Todd Vanderboof, Will Bridges, Bobby Gover, Patrick Hanson, Mike "Shaggy" Ward, Rick Thompson, and Evan Spysinski. Great video guys and keep charging!

Michael Taylor brings us a first decent of Gara Gorge. While it didn't go quite as planned, it was still a great run and he promises to be back for round 2. The Gara Gorge is located in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park in New South Wales, Australia. Check it.

Jason Haris bring us a video from his first run down the Tallulah, which was at 500 cfs. Very cool video and looks like Jason styled it with no problem. Don't forget that the Tallulah is releasing this weekend so if you have the skills, go get you some.

Check out this awesome 2013 edit that just dropped from Isaac Levinson. Isaac is a Liquid Logic Team rider and has been firing it up all over the world. From competing in the Whitewater Grand Prix to running stouts around the southeast, he is charging hard. Watch and enjoy.

Marcos Gallegos brings us a great whitewater paddling reel highlighting his 2012 season. Great music, killer whitewater and more. Marcos is tearing it up in pretty much all aspects of kayaking. Be sure to check it out.

Bliss Stick US and WeStroke Team Rider Ben Ghertner checks in from the Pacific Northwest with a new video. This vid shows Ben running 35ft Punch Bowl Falls on Eagle Creek in Oregon. Just look at that tricky entrance to this beautiful stout. Check it.

It is possible that you may not know much about them, but ZET kayaks make some great boats. In this video Tomo and Palo Andrassy, Evina and Honza Lasko and Kuba Suchy put their ZET kayaks to the test in Pucon, Patagonia and Argentina. Very cool stuff and I would love to try one out. Ben Marr can be frequently seen rockin' one.

I honestly don't know a whole lot of information about this video but it doesn't change the fact that it's pretty awesome. A cool soundtrack, some epic whitewater kayaking and gorgeous Norway surroundings. Check it.

Chris Baer brings us the last whitewater kayaking video from his Colombia trip. In this one, he and friends paddle down the Rio Junambu, which contains a deep and committing canyon with quality class IV rapids. Check it out.

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