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Somos del Rio is a film about the struggle between energy development and the preservation of Patagonia's pristine and free flowing watersheds. A group of expedition paddlers and filmmakers will travel to the Patagonian wilderness to immerse themselves in the life that these endangered rivers support.

Check out Shon Bollock testing out a custom made GoPro mount called the Spinny. As you can see from the video, it makes for some awesome shots. That being said, it does look pretty dangerous and just ripe for a head entrapment so be careful if you decide to make one for yourself.

You have got to see this. Pat Keller's new creation, the Neumadic Twin. With two Dagger Nomad front ends, this beast looks like the perfect switch machine. Sounds like the perfect new ride for Pat and apparently it performs fantastic all the way around. Check it!

The amazing cinematography coming out of whitewater kayaking related videos lately continues to amaze me. Check out the The Dance Chile Trailer, which is an absolute visual treat. The Dance series stems from all the extra footage that the Nomade group has shot in amazing places all over the world. Enjoy!

The Alseseca Race is held on the Alseseca River in Veracruz, Mex. Dane, EJ, Nick, and Clay all headed down to meet up with JK team member Rafa Ortiz and take part in the race. They ended up with an unbelievable showing, taking the top 5 spots. Congrats!

Big props to Teenage Paddleland for sending us some great whitewater kayaking vids. This one is appropriately named and features the crew dropping a nice and frigid looking falls. The falls is an Icy 30' drop near Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Keep charging!

Kresh Productions brings us another great edit. This one is of the man behind the camera, Mitch Bearden's winter break this year. Mitch did some whitewater kayaking at Eternity Hole, Sweetwater Creek, Columbus Whitewater Park, the Iceman Race and he did some climbing at Stone Summit. Cool stuff.

Check out a teaser promo for the University of Victoria Kayak Club, featuring footage by Emily McFarland and Gordon Cumming. The great whitewater footage is taken from The Gordon River and Little Qualicum Falls.

Check out this video of a kayak trip in Italy-Austria in May 2012. This section of the river is called Salzachofen. While beautiful, it presents dangers just like all whitewater rivers as you'll see when you watch it. Talking some SERIOUS downtime...

Forge Motion Pictures and NRS bring us a teaser for their new short film, Cascada. This video features a group of adventurers traveling into the remote Mexican jungle looking for the perfect waterfall to kayak and the perfect shot. The cinematography looks absolutely incredible.

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