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Ryan Mooney shows a little bit of his summer in Massachusetts on the Deerfield River! Looks like an epic time and man that Pyranha Jed looks sweet. Want to try one out very soon!

Check out this ultra slow motion HD whitewater kayaking short video shot by Steve Rogers and Tim Loubier on a Red Epic in 4K & 2K at 120-300fps. Takes place in the Whistler and Squamish area with paddlers Todd Wells, Brendan Wells, Martin Bradley Smith, William Griffith and Sam Rickets.

Check out 16 year old Nick Dancer's 2012 kayaking highlights video. This young man is charging hard in Oregon, Washington and China. Some of the footage includes Sahalie Falls, Celestial Falls, Little White Salmon, Green Truss, and the Cispus River.

So have you ever heard of a kayaking race called 8 ball? It's fantastic and kinda like American Gladiators meets whitewater kayaking. Check out this footage from the Teva Mountain Games.

If you appreciate playboating at all, you have got to check out Spanish kayaker Quim Fontané 2012. Some of the sickest hole moves I have ever seen and the combos... WOW, the combos. Check it!

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A trio of kayakers brave freezing Arctic waters in Svalbard, Arctic Circle. The boaters wanted to push the boundaries of their sport and spent 12 days in the Arctic Circle doing backflips off glaciers, running a first decent of a 65 ft glacier waterfall, coming face to face with polar bears, etc.

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