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A trio of kayakers brave freezing Arctic waters in Svalbard, Arctic Circle. The boaters wanted to push the boundaries of their sport and spent 12 days in the Arctic Circle doing backflips off glaciers, running a first decent of a 65 ft glacier waterfall, coming face to face with polar bears, etc.

Check out a video of Mo Ritz and Christian Rätzke charging hard in Austria. Apparently they are ex-slalom boaters and these guys are firing it up.

Shane Benedict checks in with a cool whitewater kayaking video from Overflow. He's been super busy moving the LiquidLogic factory from Greensboro to Fletcher NC and had nearly forgotten what awesome run it is. Check it out.

First feature-length film from BDP productions coming at ya! Pleasure Strokes, the Movie. Viewer discretion is advised cause these whitewater kayakers can get a little wild. For of those of you that are cool with that, sit back and GO TO CHURCH!!!

Check out a teaser for the Salt Kayak Festival in Spain. This an awesome whitewater kayak festival composed of three different main events. The International Kayak Film Festival, The Pyrenees Kayak Freestyle and Boatercross Cup, The XII K.A.B - Koncentració d'Aigües Braves – The XII White Water Descent.

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