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The lovely ladies over at TiTS DEEP have released their first of many webisodes. In November, Louise Jull, Louise Urwin, and Katrina Van Wijk traveled south to Patagonia in search of some serious whitewater. The found big rivers, waterfalls and got to experience the beauty of Argentina and Chile. Enjoy the first part of their journey.

YouTube user "McFloats" brings us an awesome video of him styling the Nantahala Cascades. Paddling a Dagger Green Boat, C-1 style, McFloats dissects the class IV-V Cascades while catching tons of eddies in the Horns of God and Big Kahuna. Intense, drop to rock hit and ducking under log around 3:05 in the vid is the highlight for me.

Vimeo user Bret Goering brings us a cool whitewater kayaking edit from his first Gauley Fest. The vid features his run with the Virginia Tech paddlers and the Demshitz on the upper Gauley river for Gauley Fest 2013. After the meadow, the water was at 5,000+cfs or double the normal release.

Vimeo user Joe Rea-Dickins brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video called "Three Seasons in the UK." This vid includes highlights from his November 2012-August 2013 season in the UK. Need to plan a creeking trip there in the future for sure...

Flow Addicts bring us a cool whitewater kayaking video from Sean Curtis. This vid shows Sean kayaking in New Zealand in his ZET kayak. Very cool stuff in an awesome setting. Have to get over there one day...

Check out this video from Nathan Barbier of some of the best shots of his 6 months whitewater kayaking in Chile and Norway. This film is Entry #15 in the 2013 Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards. Very well done.

Check out this recap of the Red Bull sponsored Neilson River Race, 2013 - on May 19th. Twenty-two kayakers participated in this bad-ass river race with abnormally high water levels and seven Class IV-V rapids to see who was going to win the challenge.

Our hearts go out to all of the residents of Boulder and the rest of the northern Front Range of Colorado who have been dealing with the thousand year flood there. Some kayakers however are making the best of it and here is some POV footage of a high water Boulder Creek run from YouTube user Riley Frank.

Liam Fournier brings us a look at a teaser for his new project for the Aquabatics film festival. Shot on location in Alberta, B.C., California and Washington, follow Liam and friends on some of the most classic stretches of whitewater on the west side of the continent. Can't wait to see the full film.

Check out the second episode of the "Made In Canada" web series. In this vid, Made In Canada honors the Taureau through the words of Claude Page who, more than any other, embodies the river’s legendary status. The Taureau section of Quebec's Jacques-Cartier River has been hailed as a classic for years.

Mike McKay of Five2Nine Productions visits some of Canada's classic whitewater runs to capture both the rivers and the local paddlers who know them best. Episode 1 of the Made in Canada series features a Quebec crew kayaking their home river, the Neilson. Enjoy.

Vimeo user Nick Horwood brings us a great whitewater kayaking video called "Some Time in the North." This vid features GoPro footage from whitewater kayaking in Norway, including the first descent of the Upper Upper Eiteraaga. Check it out.

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