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Got an epic whitewater video for you this morning brought to you by Mountain Mind Collective with Todd Wells and Brendan Wells. In this episode, they explore two of Washington State's most impressive whitewater rivers: The Little White Salmon River and Robe Canyon of the Stillaguamish River at 8ft.

YouTube user Garrett Mays brings us a great whitewater canoe creeking video. The vid features class IV-V+ Suck creek outside of Chattanooga, TN. It is a drop pool style creek but with a continuous nature to it. Check it out.

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Mitch Bearden shares a video of his summer boating. The summer of 2013 has given the southeast some great runs that aren't available until the winter and spring time. Here you can see some clips of paddling the Green, Chattooga, Rocky Broad, Tellico, Overflow Creek, Upper Creek, Chattahoochee, and the West Fork of the French Broad.

SB Productions is here with another great whitewater kayaking edit. This one features the Lower Rauma, which they think might be the best section in Norway. 9 rapids of high quality whitewater.

Vimeo user Robert Kierans brings us a whitewater kayaking vid that is Alpine Kayaking Part 1 of 6: the Middle Guil. This river is class III-IV and is located in the French Alps. The water and general scenery is so beautiful with good continuous rapids. Check it.

Aniol Serrasolses, kayaking bad-ass, brings us a whitewater kayaking video called Skjøle 170 cm. He says that the Skjøle river in Norway is one of his favroite runs in the world with so many km of great continuous whitewater. No waterfalls or super big rapids but it's definitely intense and scary when it gets HIGH!

Bomb Blast Media brings us a kayak instructional video called Dynamic Active Blade Technique. This vid shows the importance and technique of keeping an active blade in the water while maneuvering. Peel-outs, eddying, cross-current ferries, etc all benefit from this. Check it out.

The Male Paddler of the year award has to be a tough call. So many amazing athletes pushing the boundaries of the sport and film. This year, Evan Garcia is the much-deserved recipient of the 2013 Canoe & Kayak Male Paddler of the Year award presented at this year's Outdoor Retailer show. Be sure to check out the awesome compilation video and congrats Evan!

Wow, been so insanely busy I totally forgot that there was a new Substantial TV teaser out. Anyway, you have got to watch the Episode 6 teaser for "Ragnarok." Norwegians use it describe something crazy and it is the perfect description for this vid. Jaw-dropping slow-mo shots, epic Norway whitewater and fire-breathing. Yeah you read that right. Check it.

Pilot Collective Media, H2o Dreams and Untamed Science bring us a great whitewater kayaking short video. It was the summer of splats, rock spins, stern squirts and more as Sam, Chris and Pablo took their old school boats to Wilson's Creek. Great edit and man it just looks like so much fun.

Hunter Connolly brings us a new video featuring his whitewater kayaking highlights from 2012 and 2013. Hunter paddled from California to Washington and the vid includes Upper Cherry, South Silver, Celestial Falls and more. Very cool stuff so check it out.

Awesome edit from the Demshitz coming at you. Their first stop was the Leavenworth area where they tackled Exit rapid at a good flow. Next they hit Log Choke falls on the Top Tye and then Hamma hamma falls. Ended with some clean lines off of Sliver Falls and then shit running in the Hood River area.

Shane Benedict of Liquid Logic has been enjoying all this summer rain and is back with another epic Green Narrows video. Shane reports that the Tuxedo hydro plant is running 2 units at 100% capacity and the lake is at 100.6. Makes some big, rowdy and fast water. Awesome stuff.

Vimeo user Rob Pilkington brings us a whitewater kayak video from Norway on Evje Creek. Evje creek is a waterway in Southern Norway with some nice slides. Check it out.

Vimeo user quirin brings us a whitewater kayaking video showcasing the first half of the year in his new home, Tyrol, in western Austria. I have been to Austria and just absolutely drooled over the amazing water there. Check it out and watch quirin style it up in his Liquid Logic yak.

The Stanford Kayak Club is back with another great whitewater kayaking video. In this vid, they step up to a California classic: South Fork of Silver Creek (a.k.a. South Silver). This is a seriously steep and continuous creek that drops nearly 600 vertical feet in just over a mile. Check it out.

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