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Check out this great video called Trailer Park Life: Gorge Style. We have posted some freestyle videos today so it was definitely time for some creeking. Some awesome editing, epic paddling and good tunes make this is a definite must watch.

The Demshitz recently decided to go on a kayaking extravaganza. It was a 24 hour day with 3 New York metro area kayaking runs that included Class 5 Popolopen creek, Class 4 Housatonic, and an extreme night time sea kayak circumnavigation of Manhattan Island. 35 miles of kayaking on 5 different rivers in 24 hours. Check it.

Ben Trister brings us another great whitewater canoeing video. This features Ben rocking his Blackfly canoe down Suck Creek for the first time. Suck Creek is a Class IV-V+ creek near Chattanooga and apparently only 15 minutes from Ben. So jealous.

Check out this episode of Rugged TV, which focuses on Whitewater kayaking. Rugged TV is a show out of Canada that focuses on a different sport for each episode. High quality video, good interviews and great action shots like the creek boat kickflip at 5:09 make it a worthwhile watch.

One day before class, Colin Hunt, Ty Caldwell, Clay Lucas, and Dylan McKinney decided to take advantage of the rains that Hurricane Frances brought in 2004. They rallied out to slides section of Laurel Creek in North Carolina, near 321, to tackle Trashcan Falls. Some great line and good camera angles. Check it.

Mitch Bearden and Kresh Productions bring us a short video of a great day kayaking the Cascades. The Nantahala Cascades are a classic Class IV-V Southern creek run located in North Carolina. The flow was 410 cfs for this run. Check it.

If you haven't seen Huck, you should definitely take a few minutes and check it out. Released around 10 months ago, Huck follows Evan Garcia as he explores what it means to kayak off of big waterfalls—considering both the risks and rewards of a life driven by freefall. Great short video by Andy Maser.

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