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Jackson Kayak brings us a short video highlighting their new Karma creek boat rocking out in Chile. This is whitewater kayak that Dane Jackson used to take first place at this year's 2012 Whitewater Grand Prix. Check the video out and then check out a Karma for yourself!

Jackson Kayak Team Member, Courtney Kerin brings us a video of her and some of her mates hiting Rangitata Gorge. This is an awesome class 4-4+ run located by Mt Peel, on the east coast of the south island of New Zealand. Check it out.

Tino Specht brings us a video of him taking some new comers to waterfalls down the Upper Palguin for their first time in Chile. The Upper Palguin is one of Chile's most beautiful roadside runs.

Check out a video by Rob Leines of some whitewater kayaking action on Suck Creek. This class V'ish run is located just 15 minutes north of downtown Chatanooga and looks like tons of fun. Check it.

Early this week, the Nashville/Gallatin TN area actually got some rain. This glorious miracle from the sky caused Bledsoe Creek, a local creek in Gallatin, to come up enough to boat. While nothing super exciting, it was a great day and some good times. Check it.

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