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Red Bull Media House and Univision Communications have put together a series of short edits to highlight a recent adventure in Mexico with paddlers Rafa Ortiz, Dane Jackson, Joel Kowalski, Juan Antonio De Ugarte, Seth Ashworth and Ciarán Heurteau. This preview gives you a taste of their adventures in Michoacan, a very dangerous place that contains prime whitewater.

Short 2 and a half minute video of some great whitewater kayaking by Max Eberl and Thomas Engels in Austria. The guys got in 8 runs in the Lammer Gorge at around 70cm (2.3ft). Apparently the one guy was really enjoying his Liquid Remix too, which after paddling one for the first time last weekend, I can understand why.

Check out the first episode from Steep Water Studios (SWS) called Mexican Steep Water. The crew spent 3 weeks in East Central Mexico running the classics and also some lesser known runs. Rivers include the Alsaseca, Actopon, Rio Verde, Cascadas Micos, Santa Maria, Puente Pescados, Cascada San Pedro and the Misantla. Enjoy!

Wow is all I have to say about this Cheoah whitewater kayaking video. I'm continually amazed at the kind of footage you can get from a Quadcopter and when it comes to filming kayakers, you can get angles never before possible for your shots. So cool and can't wait to get one for here at WeStroke.

So Shane Groves and John Moore recently found and cleaned out this Cranberry Creek run in West Virginia. While it's not super difficult, it is a fun run with lots of slides and a few drops. The only problem with it is that it is dirty so bring some plugs for sure. Get a look at the run as the Demshitz take you for a tour.

Wesley Johnson brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video this morning. There is some very pretty scenery, etc at the beginning but if you want to skip to the start of the actual kayaking, it's around the 1:15 mark. Also, check out the crazy collision with sea kayaks at around 3:25. Crazy!

Chad Christopher brings us a snowy whitewater kayaking video. He and fellow paddlers Casey Cutter and Brandon hit up the Green River Narrows with 7" of snow on the ground and 6" of water on the gauge. Cool vid and the seal launch below Gorilla looks like part seal launch part luge.

Check out this epic short video from GoPro featuring Rush Sturges and Ben Brown tackling some brutal rapids in beautiful New Zealand. The vid features Aritiatia Rapid, which Rush describes as "scary as hell" and Tree Trunk Gorge. Just a really well done piece in a gorgeous part of the world with some seriously pro whitewater kayakers.

Mountain Mind Collective brings us a great whitewater kayaking video. When the water drops to the perfect level, an awesome run in British Columbia becomes available - Dipper Creek. A magnificent crack in the Earth located in the Squamish valley, Dipper Creek is stacked with two days of incredible whitewater, waterfalls and tight canyon walls that loom hundreds of feet above the water.

Another cool whitewater kayaking video for you. Peruvian paddler Daniel Rondón brings us some of his 2013 highlights featuring the exotic locales of Perú, Chile and México. Great kayaking, beautiful scenery and some nice tunes. Check it.

Check out Rush Sturges running 70 ft Outlet Falls in the awesome whitewater paradise known as the Pacific Northwest (PNW). This is one of Rush's favorite waterfalls and the video also includes him running "Moose Knuckle" a sporty little entrance rapid. Enjoy!

Got a cool whitewater kayaking video from Southern Underground Productions for you. Some really cool slow mo shots from a FS-700 camera of some beautiful whitewater in Voss Norway. Check it out and enjoy!

Sit back and take a trip through an epic whitewater paradise in the Tlapacoyan municipality in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Paddlers Jordan Poffenberger, Dylan McKinney, Ryan McAvoy, Dane Jackson, Nick Troutman, Eric Jackson, Nathan Sass, Van Nail, and Robert Waldro are your guides through some of the most beautiful whitewater in the world.

Nathan Zumwalt brings us a whitewater paddling video featuring two canoes and a kayak in one of the steepest gorges in North Carolina on Christmas Day. The Thompson plunges between 400 and 800 ft per mile in its final decent into the lake. The Class V run features numerous notable slides and drops including Amputator and Skatepark.

Eric Jackson brings us a short edit of his recent whitewater kayaking trip to Mexico. Dane, Nick, Alex, and Eric were all in their Jackson Kayak Karmas and loving them. Very cool video with some great shots courtesy of the DJI Phantom quadrocopter so check it out. Even more Mexico action coming soon too from Dane and Nick so stay tuned.

Jackson Kayak team member Hunt Jennings and OGP Productions bring us a cool whitewater kayaking video. Hunt shows us some cool local paddling spots around Chattanooga while paddling his Jackson Kayak Karma and Fun Runner. Very cool stuff.

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The Salto de la Puma is still the tallest waterfall ever run in Chile. It has been unofficially yet accurately measured at around 35-36 meters tall (110-115 feet). This combined with it's difficult entry and dangerous landing zone makes The Puma one of the most technical waterfalls in the world. Watch Substantial and Liquid Logic member Evan Garcia go for the third descent ever.

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