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Nathan Zumwalt brings us a whitewater paddling video featuring two canoes and a kayak in one of the steepest gorges in North Carolina on Christmas Day. The Thompson plunges between 400 and 800 ft per mile in its final decent into the lake. The Class V run features numerous notable slides and drops including Amputator and Skatepark.

Eric Jackson brings us a short edit of his recent whitewater kayaking trip to Mexico. Dane, Nick, Alex, and Eric were all in their Jackson Kayak Karmas and loving them. Very cool video with some great shots courtesy of the DJI Phantom quadrocopter so check it out. Even more Mexico action coming soon too from Dane and Nick so stay tuned.

Jackson Kayak team member Hunt Jennings and OGP Productions bring us a cool whitewater kayaking video. Hunt shows us some cool local paddling spots around Chattanooga while paddling his Jackson Kayak Karma and Fun Runner. Very cool stuff.

The Salto de la Puma is still the tallest waterfall ever run in Chile. It has been unofficially yet accurately measured at around 35-36 meters tall (110-115 feet). This combined with it's difficult entry and dangerous landing zone makes The Puma one of the most technical waterfalls in the world. Watch Substantial and Liquid Logic member Evan Garcia go for the third descent ever.

Serrasolses Brothers Productions bring us a rare kayaking treat. This is an 8 minute video of a full descent of the infamous Stikine river in British Columbia. Get an up close and personal view of every single rapid through the lens of a GoPro as Aniol and his brother Gerd take on one of the scariest whitewater rivers in the world.

David Bain started 2013 not being able to paddle, a definite low point in his life. However thanks to supportive friends, family, supporters and doctors he was able to be back in a boat paddling by mid May. The following video includes a few of the highlights from his 2013 year. Check it.

Some people have all the luck... Take for example Chris Lafever, who has world renowned Class V Burnt Ranch Gorge on the Trinity River in his backyard to kayak whenever he wants. Check out this cool video from Chris of the Burn Ranch Gorge while quietly hating on him just a bit lol.

YouTube user Mark Taylor brings us a great whitewater kayaking video of a late afternoon lap down class V Linville in NC. The tail end of a storm had brought the river up to 10 feet and after a less than ideal start to the trip, Mark and friend Jay Mayhan managed to get on the water and have a great run.

Great carnage video for you here. YouTube user BobbyMiller24 brings us "Epic Fail - Kayak Carnage", which features some kayak wipeouts from the video Sucker Punch. I'm talking seriously epic wipeouts too. The piton around 1:40 looks terrible and dude at the end gets WRECKED. Check it out.

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Vimeo user Kyle VanDeemter brings us something just a little bit different... Kyle decided to give a leaky air mattress a second life and get some surf sessions with it on Garb on the Ottawa River in Canada. Looks like so much fun!

Dane freakin Jackson. Where to even begin?... Jackson Kayak team member, son of Eric Jackson, World Freestyle Champion, 2 time (in a row) Whitewater Grand Prix champion, epic whitewater ninja... The list goes on and on. Dane never ceases to amaze on the water and his 2013 highlights video is an absolute feast for the eyes. Enjoy and be amazed.

You know how the saying goes... everyone is between swims. However , as embarrassing as they are for the swimmer, everyone loves watching people answer the call of the camel. And now you get the chance to vote for your favorite. Check out the preview and enjoy. But don't laugh too hard... your time is coming... :)

Jackson Kayak team member Nick Troutman suffered an AC seperation and torn ligaments in his shoulder while competing in the Adidas Sickline this year. Nick took a good 2 months off but now he is happy to report that he is 99.5%! Check out some sessions on Buseater for his reintroduction to whitewater. Sick!

Mill creek and Manns creek are two Fayetteville, WV staple runs. Both are super fun, clean and quality creeks. Mill is a steep class 4-5 whitewater carnival ride. Manns creek is a boofing paradise with 5 miles of non-stop boulder gardens. Both of the stellar runs are within 30 minutes of town. And with the dries nearby, a virtual whitewater paradise. Check it.

So Dane Jackson, of Jackson Kayak, just got back from a trip to Mexico with a crew of awesome kayakers including Rafa Ortiz. Their goal was to explore and kayak some of the seldom, or never, run sections of beautiful Mexican whitewater. Check out this clip of Dane running the 3 drops on the Truchas back to back in his Karma. Epic!

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