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Jackson Kayak Team member Ryan Whetung brings us a vid of some shots of his 2012 whitewater kayaking season. Filmed on the Ottawa River in Canada, the short video features GoPro video of Ryan rocking out in his new Jackson Kayak All Star on Buseater, Garburator, and Pushbutton Wave.

Paddlers Bren Orton, David Wild and Brandon Hepburn put the Pyranha Jed through the paces in Nottingham. The moves these guys are pulling off are incredible, especially the combos! Freestyle kayakers are really pushing the envelope and the kayaks keep getting better and better.

If you appreciate playboating at all, you have got to check out Spanish kayaker Quim Fontané 2012. Some of the sickest hole moves I have ever seen and the combos... WOW, the combos. Check it!

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