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Wow, I have to say that is one of the better whitewater kayaking videos I have seen in a while. Some of the Jackson Kayak and GoPro athletes took some GoPro Hero 3+ Cameras and a DJI Phantom Quad copter to the classic jungles of Mexico for some epic whitewater. Beautiful scenery, amazing rapids, stellar videography and cool music make this is a much watch.

Dane Jackson, Joel Kowalski, Rafa Ortiz and the rest of the crew are back for episode 3 in their crazy Red Bull Michoacan whitewater paddling adventure. In this episode, the group is eager to get back to paddling after a couple of days without good water flows. The Rio Hoyo del Aire offers exactly what they're looking for, with quality whitewater and perfect drops during two amazing days of exploration.

Check out this very cool, nearly 18 minute long, video of whitewater kayaking porn from Two Dash Productions. These Kiwis saved up their money and took a tour of the West Coast. They started their trip in California driving the length of the state many times! After the water had dried up, they headed to Washington and BC to find even more quality white water!

Here is a good video we can all get behind. Ty Caldwell and friends do some great whitewater kayaking and canoeing down one of the nicest classic creek in the southeast: the Raven Fork, on a beautiful summer day. I've nearly forgot what sunshine looks like at this point but at least I can watch this and reminisce.

Red Bull Media House and Univision Communications have put together a series of short edits to highlight a recent adventure in Mexico with paddlers Rafa Ortiz, Dane Jackson, Joel Kowalski, Juan Antonio De Ugarte, Seth Ashworth and Ciarán Heurteau. This preview gives you a taste of their adventures in Michoacan, a very dangerous place that contains prime whitewater.

Check out the first episode from Steep Water Studios (SWS) called Mexican Steep Water. The crew spent 3 weeks in East Central Mexico running the classics and also some lesser known runs. Rivers include the Alsaseca, Actopon, Rio Verde, Cascadas Micos, Santa Maria, Puente Pescados, Cascada San Pedro and the Misantla. Enjoy!

So Shane Groves and John Moore recently found and cleaned out this Cranberry Creek run in West Virginia. While it's not super difficult, it is a fun run with lots of slides and a few drops. The only problem with it is that it is dirty so bring some plugs for sure. Get a look at the run as the Demshitz take you for a tour.

Chad Christopher brings us a snowy whitewater kayaking video. He and fellow paddlers Casey Cutter and Brandon hit up the Green River Narrows with 7" of snow on the ground and 6" of water on the gauge. Cool vid and the seal launch below Gorilla looks like part seal launch part luge.

Mountain Mind Collective brings us a great whitewater kayaking video. When the water drops to the perfect level, an awesome run in British Columbia becomes available - Dipper Creek. A magnificent crack in the Earth located in the Squamish valley, Dipper Creek is stacked with two days of incredible whitewater, waterfalls and tight canyon walls that loom hundreds of feet above the water.

Got a cool whitewater kayaking video from Southern Underground Productions for you. Some really cool slow mo shots from a FS-700 camera of some beautiful whitewater in Voss Norway. Check it out and enjoy!

Sit back and take a trip through an epic whitewater paradise in the Tlapacoyan municipality in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Paddlers Jordan Poffenberger, Dylan McKinney, Ryan McAvoy, Dane Jackson, Nick Troutman, Eric Jackson, Nathan Sass, Van Nail, and Robert Waldro are your guides through some of the most beautiful whitewater in the world.

Nathan Zumwalt brings us a whitewater paddling video featuring two canoes and a kayak in one of the steepest gorges in North Carolina on Christmas Day. The Thompson plunges between 400 and 800 ft per mile in its final decent into the lake. The Class V run features numerous notable slides and drops including Amputator and Skatepark.

Eric Jackson brings us a short edit of his recent whitewater kayaking trip to Mexico. Dane, Nick, Alex, and Eric were all in their Jackson Kayak Karmas and loving them. Very cool video with some great shots courtesy of the DJI Phantom quadrocopter so check it out. Even more Mexico action coming soon too from Dane and Nick so stay tuned.

Jackson Kayak team member Hunt Jennings and OGP Productions bring us a cool whitewater kayaking video. Hunt shows us some cool local paddling spots around Chattanooga while paddling his Jackson Kayak Karma and Fun Runner. Very cool stuff.

Some people have all the luck... Take for example Chris Lafever, who has world renowned Class V Burnt Ranch Gorge on the Trinity River in his backyard to kayak whenever he wants. Check out this cool video from Chris of the Burn Ranch Gorge while quietly hating on him just a bit lol.

YouTube user Mark Taylor brings us a great whitewater kayaking video of a late afternoon lap down class V Linville in NC. The tail end of a storm had brought the river up to 10 feet and after a less than ideal start to the trip, Mark and friend Jay Mayhan managed to get on the water and have a great run.

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