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WOW, the 2013 World Freestyle Championships are over at the Nantahala river and what a ride! The world's top freestyle kayakers and squirt boaters really gave it their all this past week/weekend and put on one hell of a show. Check out the final results and congrats to all who participated and a big thank you to those who put so much work into making it a show to remember.

Check out this cool whitewater kayaking video done by Lee Visual. The vid shows kayaker Kim Becker tearing up the river creekboating as she day dreams about her favourite thing, kayaking. Beautifully shot on Canon Creek, the Lewis and Wind River in Washington.

In honor of Gauley Fest coming up, we bring you a video posted by YouTube user Caleb Adams. This vid shows Caelb and four friends braving the Upper Gauley at 14000 CFS pumping out of the dam. The meadow added another 3000 CFS for a big beefy 17000 total CFS. Some rapids washed out while others got huge. Check it.

Werner team paddler Haley Mills not only excels in freestyle whitewater kayaking, she is also an accomplished river runner. Check out this cool vid where Haley takes on some of Norway's amazing rivers including the Upper Jori, Upper Rauma, Upper Valldola, Micky Mouse Valldal, Raundelsavi, and the Myrkdalselvi.

Great whitewater kayaking video from the Demshitz here. The vid includes a stop in the Poconos to route a 1st D of Wangum Falls, then the Demshitz racing the Raquette river and winning, running the Beaver Blaster, Topo Duo'ing the Mosier, and finally racing the Eagle section where they took second place. Some would say Demshitz won Beaver Fest 2013.

YouTube user Jon Manley brings us a great whitewater kayaking video is a good soundtrack. In this vid, Jon Manley paddles the classic class IV-V Cheoah River in North Carolina for the first time with friends Chad Christopher, Kody Lyons, Jeff Leach, and Jordan Greene. Check it.

Mitch Bearden and Kresh Productions bring us another cool whitewater kayaking video. In this vid, Mitch and friends tear up a great Southeast classic, the Green River Narrows in North Carolina. The class IV-V+ creek was running at 12 inches this day. Enjoy.

The girls at Tits Deep are back with some more awesome whitewater kayaking content for your viewing pleasure. Check out the teaser for their new upcoming web series which will include footage from Norway, Iceland, Pacific Northwest, Canada, Chile and more. First episode releasing October 1st!

Heck yeah! First video of the new Liquid Logic Stinger XP tearing up some whitewater. Shane Benedict takes their new beast for a ride down the Green River Narrows at 10" to test out the new boat and especially the new hatch design. Happy to say that it worked great and these bad boys are going into production now. Dying to get ours, check it!

Pyranha kayaks brings us the third version of their very popular river runner, the Burn. Faster, edge where you want it not where you don't, slightly narrower, a bit longer. Check out the vid where Demshitz Craig Kleckner and David Fusilli put it through its' paces. Available in the Fall.

Check out some good fun that was had at the Nantahala World Kayak Pro-am. The pro am is a gathering of professional athletes and amature kayakers raising money for the First Descents Charity at the Nantahala river NC. Each pro paddler is paired with two amateurs, forming a team of three and they compete in a beginner-friendly freestyle event. Good times.

Jackson Kayak Team Member Hunt Jennings brings us a cool whitewater video. This vid is a short edit of some things he's been doing in the Jackson Kayak Fun Runner. Featuring some cool drops, tricks, and beatdowns!

Astral athlete Gareth Tate and 7 Finger Media bring us a kinda funny whitewater kayaking/carnage video this morning. They remind us why it's important to always respect the runout after finishing a big run. Check out Gareth's run-in with the Flume after a stellar "no swim" trip down Dinkey Creek in California.

Clay Lucas brings us a great whitewater video of a classic river, the North Fork of the Payette. On his way out to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) h had the opportunity to stop and run the infamous North Fork of the Payette in Banks, Idaho with locals Michael Thurmond and James Byrd. Enjoy!

Substantial Media House just recently picked up a few of the new Liquid Logic Stingers, the nearly 13 foot long whitewater creek racing kayaks. The Substantial guys took these bad-boys out on Callaghan River (Whistler area) for 2-3 miles of fun class IV-V boulder rapids. Man, we can't wait to get our hands on some of these boats!

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