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Team Dagger athlete, Ryan Mooney brings us a pretty awesome whitewater kayaking video. This vid shows him on a few of his local runs in Western, MA. He writes that the beginning of June provided lots of rain, flooding the rivers! Someone's got to take advantage of all that rain right?

Vimeo user Connor Laird brings us a cool and informative video about kayaking on the Potomac. This video shows a bit of everything including Center, MD, VA, Fishladder, Bridge Channel, the Gorge, even Little Falls. The Potomac is an incredibly place and an amazing asset for those who live in Washington DC. You can paddle every day of the year and still work and live in an urban environment.

Check out this cool video of Brad McMillan taking an open canoe down Oh Be Joyful in Colorado. Oh Be Joyful is one of the most popular class V creeks in Colorado and is located in Gunnison county. While only 1 mile long, there are multiple ledges/waterfalls to deal with and some huge slides. Check it.

Do you feel the need for speed on the water? If you started paddling in the last 10 years, you have most likely never experienced the kind of speed and grace that only a long boat can give. That is all about to change. The production model of the Liquid Logic Stinger is now for sale and shipping to the general public.

The Substantial TV takes on Fantasy Falls in California in this new 15 minute whitewater video. Fantasy Falls is one of the most demanding and difficult runs in CA and the crew pushed through 20+ miles of Class V-V+ with only 3 portages. Enjoy watching epic descents of The Untouchables Gorge, Jedi Mind Melt, Island Slide, The Thing, and get a feel for how amazing and wild California actually is!

4Corners Riversports brings us a cool nearly 13 min long whitewater kayaking video. This vid showcases the fact that Durango, Colorado has some of the best whitewater rivers and creeks in the world. Animas River, Dolores River, Lime Creek, Piedra River, San Juan River, South Mineral Creek, Vallecito Creek, Coal Creek, Bakers, Crazy Woman Creek and more! Check it.

Here it is, River Roots provides us an awesome whitewater kayaking video featuring the recent Little White Salmon race and the results. This is an epic race on one of the most beautiful rivers in the U.S. There were 54 racers, 7 swims, 25+ Spirit descents, 4 boats in chaos, and some of the fastest times yet. Enjoy.

Seth Scott brings us a great whitewater kayaking video called Horse Play. He and some friends headed out for a late season run on Class V Horsepasture creek in North Carolina. It's a 5 mile hike out of there but it looks like it's totally worth it. Epic.

Last year, epic rainfalls in Western North Carolina brought in one of the best creeks in the world. Class V kayakers Isaac Levinson, Pat Keller and Stephen Wright took on the Toxaway River, which is an amusement park ride with all of its' huge slides. Check it out.

Vimeo user Marcelo Galizio brings us some pretty epic whitewater kayaking porn with his video edit entitled Patagonia Creeking. He spent one month driving from Brazil through Chile and Argentina with just one goal, to see the big drops with his own eyes and push his limits. Enjoy the ride.

Six pro kayakers from around the world meet up in the rainforests of Southern Mexico to run the Rio Tulijá, which is also known as the Agua Azul, with a series of five large waterfalls. Watch Rafa Ortiz, Rush Sturges, Evan Garcia, Aniol Serrasolses, Martina Wegman and Casper Van Kalmthout having fun exploring the river and the local culture.

Check out these freestyle kayaking moves from Vimeo user Dumoulin mathieu. Mathieu is practicing some killer combo moves to prepare for competition in the upcoming 2013 Natural Events, an international outdoor sports and music festival in Millau, France. Judging by the video, he is gonna be tough to beat. Check it.

Vimeo User Ryan McAvoy brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video featuring two different runs. The first part of the vid is a low water run of Staton's Creek in Virginia, a short .6 mile Class V paddle. The second part of the vid shows some late season high water James River action. Check it out.

Substantial TV is back with a short edit from the Rio Blanco, Aregentina. Evan Garvia, his little brother Nate Garcia, Matias Nunez, and Derek Beitler drove deep into the Patagonia Mountains to run one of the most beautiful South American rivers. The Rio Blanco is 4 miles of clean class V drops and rapids with no portages and drinkable water. Amazing.

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