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Check out this freaking awesome video of Wave Sport team paddler Bryan Kirk, produced by Kelsey Thompson. Few people have pursued Whitewater Kayaking for as long with as much passion as Bryan Kirk. Watch Bryan paddle the new Wave Sport carbon playboat on the New River Dries in Fayetteville, West Virginia in 120 FPS. Sick!

This past weekend, the 9th, was the second World Kayak Rock Island Open. Competitors, safety boaters and spectators converged on Rock Island State Park to take part in the Freestyle competition. It was a stellar time with some sick rides, great people and good food. Read on for the results, photos and more!

Uh-oh. Jackson Kayak is about to announce their newest boat, the 2014 Rock Star! Already an amazing playboat, the new version looks to be shorter (shorter is better) and a bit more slicey. We will know more later this week when the official announcement happens but in the meantime, check out this short clip of Dane killing it!

In the Pacific Northwest, water is abundant and of the freshest variety. Old volcanic spillways have carved some of the most classic and stout river beds known to man kind. The Substantial TV crew take to the Columbia gorge to... Go To Church! Watch as the boys enjoy the Holy Waters in this episode 5 teaser.

Check out this very cool whitewater kayaking video from Dylan McKinney. He traveled to the Pacific Northwest with Stephen McGrady and Kevin Nunns and stationed in Hood River, Oregon. Watch his video edit of over 3 weeks paddling the Little White Salmon, White Salmon, Eagle Creek, the Wind River, Canyon Creek, East Fork of the Lewis, the Lewis River, and the North Fork of the Payette.

Wow. This video makes the Zambezi Festival, held in October 2012, look insanely fun. We are talking HUGE water on the Zambezi river with tons of playboating, river-running, rafting, drinking and just great freaking times. I'm sitting here in the U.S. right now, dreaming of African whitewater. Will make it there one day.

Chris Baer, from, is back with another great kayaking video. This one is from Split Rock River in Minnesota at a REALLY high water level. Locals say that the S on the spray painted bridge gage means it's at shire level. M means it is at Mordor. This vid is of way above Mordor. Enjoy.

Sam Crosby and Andrew Yonkofski bring us a great short whitewater kayaking video called "Slidin' Down the Thompson." The Thompson River is a Class V+ river in one of the most rugged and beautiful regions of NC and it is not too well documented. Check out the vid to see some great whitewater and a pretty epic slide.

Lorenzo Andrade Astorga brings us an awesome edit of his latest trip to New Zealand where he got the opportunity to compete in some kayaks races, and to run some great rivers and waterfalls. His trip started in Queenstown and finished in Okere falls. Check it!

You've gotta take a moment and check out this awesome short whitewater kayaking video. Ryan Lansche fires up some classics on South Silver, near Strawberry, CA in his Liquid Logic Stomper. Some really nice shots of Lansche stomping it and a cool soundtrack.

I'm sure you have probably seen people surfing it up on rivers now and possibly even tried it yourself. Taking a SUP down a river is great alternative way to enjoy the outdoors and get a workout. Check out this video where Boardworks Surf Pro Mike Tavares talks you through some basic tips for SUP river surfing.

On May 18th, the third edition of the Rouge Challenge was held. This is a whitewater kayaking event on the Rouge River in western Quebec, Canada, which empties into the Ottawa River. The Rouge challenge is a a 2 paddler team race down the 7 sisters section of the Rouge as well as a BoaterX race. Check out this very cool edit of the event.

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