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Dane Jackson from the Jackson Kayak Team brings us a short whitewater kayaking video. This Jackson crew got a chance to get some quick training in with their Karma creekboats on the Great Falls of the Potomac the day they were flying to Austria for the Adidas Sickline championship. Cool video and I absolutely love my Jackson Kayak Karma!

Chris Baer from brings us another great whitewater video. This one is another skit for the Video Boater Challenge in WV. Chris would like everyone to remember that Jorts (Jean Shorts) are absolutely necessary if you are going rollerblading, SUPing, of tubing. Enjoy!

Nick Pearce brings us a great whitewater kayaking edit from Norway. The little gem of a run featured here is not very well known, however it is only 10 minutes from Voss. Not only is a good warm-up run, Nick says it is possibly the most fun close to Voss. Check it out.

Vimeo user Martyn Butler brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video. This is 3 and a half minutes of some good quality kayaking porn from he and friends trip to Norway this summer. Kayakers include Phil 'Olly Murs' Mitchel, Sandra 'Wet For Zet' Hislop, Tom 'Sargent Slaughter' Rainey, Barney 'Mr Chow' Prees and Martyn 'Neil' Butler.

Ryan Mooney brings us a great whitewater kayaking video called "Summer Kayaking in New England Part 2." Ryan takes us through the second part of his summer in New England. Places include, the Deerfield River Valley, Northern Maine, Adirondack Mountains of New York, and many others.

Check out FRESH Episode 1: Kayaking Backwards Into Massive Waterfalls, FRESH Tacos (wow what a name). Follow Airborn athletes Galen Volckhausen and Kyle Hull as they tour around in search of the best whitewater Mexico has to offer. This episode features some epic kayaking on Big Banana Falls 128ft, Tomata 1 and 2, Silencio, Truncas and more.

Vimeo user Root Down brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video. This vid features a run down the Fishermans Gorge section of the Afon Ogwen in North Wales. It was massive water levels and most recognisable features were washed out. It took 5 minutes to run the approximate 2k's.

Join the Mountain Man Collective crew for an epic adventure through thick evergreen forests to two classic Washington waterfalls, Upper Falls on the Lewis River and Hamma Hamma Falls in the Olympic Peninsula. Then follow the team as they drop in for the second descent of Graves Creek.

The fast frenchman Eric Deguil brings us another great whitewater video from practice at the Adidas Sickline World Championship. It is/was 3 days before the competition begins and the water is still high on the famous Wellerbrucke. Looking ROWDY out there. Check it!

Matt Whitson brings us another great Nantahala Cascades video. He and Jamison Evans had a fun read and run lap on the Class IV-V section. The Nantahala Cascades released during the 2013 Guest Appreciation Festival (GAF) weekend at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

The lovely ladies over at TiTS DEEP have released their first of many webisodes. In November, Louise Jull, Louise Urwin, and Katrina Van Wijk traveled south to Patagonia in search of some serious whitewater. The found big rivers, waterfalls and got to experience the beauty of Argentina and Chile. Enjoy the first part of their journey.

YouTube user "McFloats" brings us an awesome video of him styling the Nantahala Cascades. Paddling a Dagger Green Boat, C-1 style, McFloats dissects the class IV-V Cascades while catching tons of eddies in the Horns of God and Big Kahuna. Intense, drop to rock hit and ducking under log around 3:05 in the vid is the highlight for me.

Vimeo user Bret Goering brings us a cool whitewater kayaking edit from his first Gauley Fest. The vid features his run with the Virginia Tech paddlers and the Demshitz on the upper Gauley river for Gauley Fest 2013. After the meadow, the water was at 5,000+cfs or double the normal release.

Vimeo user Joe Rea-Dickins brings us a cool whitewater kayaking video called "Three Seasons in the UK." This vid includes highlights from his November 2012-August 2013 season in the UK. Need to plan a creeking trip there in the future for sure...

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